Videogame Technology in Forensic sciences!!!

November 28, 2009 at 6:40 am (Technology) (, , )

TechnologyHere,we’re discussing about a new technology that is expected to connect the world of forensic science in years to come.The criminilogists,will now be using the videogame technology to solve gruesome murder cases and other crimes too.The Technology will help in virtual Re-creation of the crime scene,so as to figure each action that occurred at the time of crime.Now,the problem is that while there have been major advancements in the field of forensic science technology, how investigative teams come together to collaborate has not yet changed over the years.
The Technology called as IC-CRIME,is abbreviated as interdisciplinary, cyber-enabled crime reconstruction through innovative methodology and engagement.The technology will employ the latest in 3-D laser scanning technologies and run on the Unity game engine technology, which powers over 50 commercial games like “FusionFall” and “VooDude.”The laser scanner technology, developed by Research Triangle Park company 3rdTech, will allow investigators to accurately record room and object dimensions, as well as the placement of every piece of evidence in a crime scene.The scanners used in this Technology are capable of  capturing millions of data points instantly and can plot highly detailed virtual crime scenes.The game world will be incorporated within a web page also containing data as text and 2D-graphics.The developers of this Technology claim to build an  interface on top of the game environment that will allow CSIs and other investigators to link locations in the crime scene to external sources of data, such as hair and fiber databases, finger print images and investigator notes.”Also, the simple interface will enhance the users to create scripts and virtual scenarios.
Game technology will aid developers in creating highly interactive and adaptable virtual Platforms.This technology will support ennumerous concurrent users, letting multiple CSIs for effective interaction with each other while exploring the virtual crime scene.IC-CRIME is expected to be active in Forensic sciences field within three years. But North Carolina law enforcement agencies, who will collaborate with NC State throughout this project, will have access to prototype technology in the second and third year of this development cycle to help with system assessment and validation.



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    very interesting

  2. arbertechno said,

    this is very instresting.thanx 4 gvng me this link.

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    well good job……quit helpful for everyone who wants to keep him/herself in touch with technology:)

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    vow its great. forensic science is very advance science and its very deep knowledge for us,thanku very much…………..

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