Technology of cleaning environment using Co2

November 30, 2009 at 10:25 am (Technology) (, , , )

Technology Co2

Technology Co2Now,the world has advanced a step closer to “clean coal,” all credit goes to the new technology which employs CO2 to make power generation more efficient.A research conducted by the scientists at Columbia University clearly depicts that via this technologymillions of tons of CO2 can made to trespass the layer of atmosphere and instead we can turn coal, biomass and municipal waste into cleaner fuel.Thus,saving our environment.The Technology is purely based on a well-established process called “gasification” that is already used to clean “dirty” fuels by heating them with steam and turning them into a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, known as syngas. In turn, that is then burned in power stations or used to create transport fuels.Technology Co2

But still this technology requires very large amounts of energy and water, and produced substantial CO2 emissions.However, the Columbia researchers have actually proved it that by adding CO2 into the mix and replacing some of the steam, the reaction becomes dramatically more efficient and much cleaner.The process is operated like the conventional gasifier,in which we use the biomass and blend it with some steam.But that’s where the similarities end, because instead of just using steam, we also used CO2, which serves two major purposes.

This technology is very Beneficial.As Firstly, it reacts with the biomass which is a better substitute to steam. Secondly,it cuts out the amount of steam demanded,thus,saving loads of energy and water.It’s a two-fold hit.After the hydrogen is removed from the syngas,the remaining carbon monoxide can be safely burned underground.A lot factors catalyse the reactions in the process and make the technology a much efficient concept.But looking at the economics and the scale,if we get a three, four or five percent efficiency, then,this technology is really going to drive many power companies towards itself.


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