Apple’s latest Tablet pC

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Apple tablet Pc

Apple is a leading computer manufacturer and is know going to introduce another innovation of Technology ,a new pc called as Apple Tablet pc. It’s a touch screen pc without having a surface keyboard.

Apple Tablet Pc provides a wide display with a 10 inch display screen and this extreme device is loaded with a full Mac OS X operating system that is Apple‘s operating system designed to support the Apple application and it also consists of Apple‘s software. Apple Tablet pc is the only touch screen laptop ever.

Apple's latest Tablet pC

Lets have a glimpse of all the features of Apple Tablet pc

  • Apple Tablet pc is an integration of a laptop and iPhone. It has a 10 inch touchscreen display with 3G enabled Technology and loads of computing power.The screen of the Apple Tablet pc is designed using the technique of LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon).
  • The approximate price of Apple Tablet pc is quoted around $1000, The Apple Tablet pc is expected to hit the market around mid of 2010.
  • Apple Tablet pc Will run a version of the i-Phone OS X kernel Applications. Besides, it also includes a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device for enhanced connectivity and a SD card reader for storage expansion.

Apple Tablet pc is truly a concept Technology pc for future generation.


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PQI launches 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive

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PQI USB 3.0 flash driveFor the first time ever, a company has launched the upgraded versions of pocket-sized USB 3.0 flash drive. Till date upgraded models of ennumerous products have hit the market, but this very case is the first instance of its own kind. Now, 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive is debuting in the market with PQI as its production house. PQI has given a new dimension to the USB Technology and its market.

Initially, PQI is planning to launch four siblings of its U366 flash drive viz 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions. USB 3.0 flash drive is a beautiful innovation of Technology. It is wrapped in an aluminum casing and has a transparent plastic helmet for enhanced resistance and protection. The PQI USB 3.0 flash drive is attired in blue and gray colors. The stick’s pocket friendly dimensions are 87 x 22 x 12 mm.

The USB 3.0 flash drive has an excellent compatibility signifying 5Gbps of bandwidth. Besides, it also retains backwards compatibility with the ancestral USB prototypes. PQI also insists that the U366 is a smart Technology allowing 97MB/s of data transfer rates for eased access to a particular data. The prices of all the three versions of the USB 3.0 flash drive will be unveiled very soon.

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Shaving Mobile phone Technology

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Shaving Mobile Phone

This is the era of innovated Technology. Today everything has become multifunctional, even the Mobile phone has evolved as a powerful gadget serving more than just a communicative device. Now, the Mobile phone will be used for grooming too. Astonished! but its a fact. Adding more fantasy to this story, a Mobile phone will now be used for shaving also.

The Shaving Mobile phone Technology unites the Mobile phone with an electric razor. The Shaving Mobile phone as visible, combines a cell phone along with an electric razor. Thus, apart from allowing you to stay in touch with your near & dear one’s via talk or chat, Shaving Mobile phone also renders you a perfect and quick shave anytime, anywhere.

The Shaving Mobile phone comprises of a 2.6-inch touch screen, 506KB of memory. Besides, it is equally compatible with the Micro SD cards of 8GB at max. Also, it comes with an FM tuner, a 2 Megapixel camera and Bluetooth. With all these features, it an excellent combo pack of a Mobile phone/electric razor. The exact price, however is uncertain but the device is somewhat around $ 100. Hence, this Shaving Mobile phone Technology is not at all a bad deal.

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Windows 7 fails to shock Mac sale

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Latest Technology news from Windows says that the Windows 7 is an improved version of Windows Vista is aiding a lot in generating considerable sale at work place. Windows 7 needs less system requirement than any other version of Windows Vista, thus making it more popular among computer users. But according to latest figures in market, Windows 7 is not succeeding on its way to surpass the acceptable level of Macs at the work place. Apple is supposed to mature at the same time, whereas the purchase rate of Mac desktops by various business companies stands on 7%. The sale of Mac Books has increased by 10 percent in a last couple of days.

Released report of Change Wave revealed that laptop Technology giant Dell and HP are supposed to promote from a minor increment in corporate sales with a respective 33 percent and 18 percent business concern planning to purchase desktops pc and notebooks as well. 93 percent of business companies are very much satisfied with Windows 7 version because they haven’t made a serious decision in order to go for upgrades at the workplace end.

But only 19 percent plans are class of any alteration, and only 3 percent plan for a “significant” change to get Windows 7 into their businesses early. Literally no one knows what leads Apple as a front line runner, however inhabitant Exchange 2007 may sustain Snow Leopard to put the results along with overall less costly Mac Books and Mac Book Pros from the past few months.

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Apple Tablet

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Apple Tablet

Finally, after a series a rumours, Apple will showcase its new Apple Tablet and will be marketed by the end of march 2010. Apple Tablet is one of the much awaited gadgets in the IT market. The Apple Tablet is a powerful widget. It is truly a creative innovation of Technology.

The exact features of AppleTablet are still certain, however the gadget can be visioned as a device featuring an operating system which is compatible with the iPhone. It might be capable of running the Mac OS X software also. A major feature of the new Apple Tablet is that the OS Technology would be truly compatible and its user interface will adapt itself as per the device ( Tablet, Iphone, etc ). The Apple Tablet may entertain the user with applications like the iTunes television programming.

Apple Tablet

The Apple Tablet provides a clear and sharp view with a wide-screen 7-inch LCD display. It comprises of a unit to a 10.6-inch OLED model also and has an excellent capacity. It renders a spacious storage capacity of 256 or 512GB ,thus bulks of data ( image files, audio files,) can be saved into it. The Technology lovers are just craving for this new product ” Apple Tablet “. Hopefully, if things proceed in a positive direction, the Apple Tablet Technology will be demoed in January 2010.

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Single Molecule Transistor Technology

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Generally a Transistor is build up of two electrodes, a source and a sink, along with a gate to control the flow of current between the electrodes. But now a new type of Transistor Technology being invented by an international team of researchers is about to bring revolution in the functioning and activation of Transistors. The team raised a curtain for the New ” Single Molecule Transistor Technology ” that is actively responsive to a gate voltage just like the traditional semiconductors. Single Molecule Transistor Technology

In Single Molecule Transistor Technology, the semiconductor is substituted with a single Molecule. The design of such a system allows the electrons to flow randomly via various Molecules but controlling the flow of electrons is comparatively difficult in such cases.  Some efforts done earlier, have switched currents on and off by altering the charge on the Molecule or experimenting with the spin of the electrons passing from it.

The researchers of the Single Molecule Transistor Technology employed a different methodology for creation of a nano scale gap in a gold wire which was placed directly above an aluminum oxide electrode that operates the gate. The gold has been wrapped up with either of the two types of Molecules and no sooner did the gap was created then there is a feasibility that one of those Molecules is being introduced in the newly vacated space that bridges the gap. Thereby, allowing the Molecules to generate currents between the two gold electrodes. This Single Molecule Transistor Technology will definitely leave a mark.

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HTC HD2 Technology arrives in India

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HTC HD2 Phone

Finally the wait is over and HTC HD2 has arrived in India.  HTC HD2 is loaded with a 4.3-inch WVGA high-definition screen. Besides, it is also compatible with the latest WM6.5 operating system and 3G Technology as well. HTC HD2 is furnished with a 4.3-inch WVGA high-definition screen with touch Technology, it has a screen resolution of 480 × 800 pixels and is featured by multi-touch functionality also. It is the first ever handset with built-in HTC sense of Windows Phone.

HTC HD2 features the latest Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional OS but is also a rare HTC gadget as it is powered by 1GHz family of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Technology used in HTC HD2 is distinct from the other HTC smartphones. It has a memory of 488MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM capacitance. The HTC HD2 renders an efficient operating system that performs tasks at a considerable pace and also provides excellent platform for multimedia operations.

HTC HD2 supports GSM / GPRS / WCDMA / HSDPA networks and WLAN wireless. HTC HD2 offers acceleration sensors, touch sensors, light-sensitive sensor. Apart from all these features the phone has excellent multimedia applications. It is equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone interface, and offers a complete 12 hours of music playback time. Also, it has various audio and video format play, also the presence of an expandable micro-SDHC memory card renders storage variation facilities. Besides, the HTC HD2 has a 5 mega pixel camera with built-in applications like auto-focus, dual LED flash and high-brightness high-definition video capture properties. This is now available in India and You can own this Innovative Technology by paying Rs. 36,990.

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Intel’s Atom chip Technology for Netbooks

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Intel Atom Chip Technology

Intel is about to bring a new revolution in the Technology market. Intel will be using its latest N450 processor and NM10 Express chipset–Technology in the Netbook computers. These Netbooks are expected to hit the market in january 2010. As quoted by Intel more than 80 new Netbook designs will be showcased at the premier of this New Atom chip Technology in the month of january. The quoted prices of this new collection are around $350.

The Pine Trail structure compresses the graphics function, which was earlier on a separate chip, onto the central processing unit, or CPU, a first for Intel. Thus, the decrease in the number of chips from three to two leads to the reduction in the overall chip size approximately by 60%. This Technology introduces the first ever monolithic processor with built-in graphics and the memory controller. Also,this results in increased battery life and decreased dimensions of the Notebook.

This new Atom chip Technology will be compatible with windows 7 Starter or Home Basic. Also, it will be at par compatible with Windows XP Home and Intel ‘s Moblin Linux operating systems. Intel is also planning to bring in new Atom Processors in the Market,Namely,

  • N450: 1.66GHz, 512KB cache, DDR2-667, TDP: 5.5W
  • D510: 1.66GHz, 1MB cache, DDR2-800/667, TDP: 13W (2 cores)
  • D410: 1.66GHz, 512KB cache, DDR2-800/667, TDP: 10W

These processors will be powered by two processing cores, the D510, which is an enhanced counterpart to existing dual-core Atom. undoubtedly, this new Atom chip Technology will make the Notebooks even more popular.

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Samsung Bada Technology

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 Samsung Bada Technology

Samsung is an icon in the mobile industry. It is a leading manufacturer of the mobile phones. The Products have always been spectacular with features to match up with the latest Technology. And Now Samsung has again come up with a new Technology for transforming all new Samsung phones into Smartphones. This New Innovation of Samsung is known as ” Samsung Bada ” . Samsung Bada Technology

Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Bada platform last week. Doing so Samsung has forwarded all its mobile phones into the smartphone space, thereby imparting them a new definition. Samsung ‘s Bada is an innovation in mobile Technology, enabling all new Samsung mobile phones to plunge into the Ocean of Smartphones. adding to your fantasy, ” Bada is a korean term for Ocean “. This new Technology has declared a war amongst the warriors, iPhone, Android and Samsung Bada.

Bada is a mobile operating system created solely for smartphones with all the salient features of an iPhone-equivalent device. It is enriched with features like GPS, Web browsing, touchscreen support, and all types of sensors such as tilt, GPS, proximity, and weather. As of now, Bada Technology will be seen in all Samsung phones expected to be launched in 2010 which means that all Samsung phones will be transformed into smartphones. As quoted by SamsungBada will be the basis for a smartphone for everyone ”. In a nutshell, this Technology will Makeover all the Samsung mobile phones  into Smartphones.

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Microsoft certifies Flight Simulator Technology

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Technology

Microsoft is now concreted a deal to license its visual simulation Technology to Flight1 Aviation Technologies, As per the sources, Microsoft is about to grant license to its ESP v1.0 object code which will definitely aid the flight Technology company in performing their responsibilities with more perfection. The company can create more detailed, customized flight safety, flight training and strategic solutions for the clients. Microsoft Flight Simulator Technology

Microsoft’s ESP provides a visual simulation software platform that allows users imitate as if they are travelling in different vehicles or modes of transport. This Technology enables the user to simulate themselves as if they are actually operating the Vehicle. Flight1 Tech will use the Technology to develop visual simulations to aid the trainees learning to fly planes.

Besides this, Microsoft has also licensed its ESP Technology to Lockheed Martin to aid the in training the war fighters in battle. Earlier, Microsoft had terminated this Flight Simulator Technology, but now seems to make the Technology live upto the Expectations. However, the due date of this Technology‘s Birth is still uncertain. It seems like Microsoft will retain to monetize via certifying the Technology.

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