Firegate Technology

December 4, 2009 at 7:50 am (Technology) (, )


The computer technology has emerged as the most powerful technology that can make you rule the world. The development in this field has evolved very rapidly.Now-a-days,we can find the users of computer technology in offices,organisations,hospitals,homes,etc. The computers are interconnected to each other via the internet and can communicate to each other due to this interlinking.Although,Internet has become the most widely used concept for efficient working in all fields but protection of user’s data is still a major issue and has not been met completely,with satisfactory results from user’s prespective.Any unauthorised user can login to your computer remotely and can fetch user’s confidential data.This can lead to major losses to a person or a company.
FiregateSince, there are many confidential and personal data stored in your PC or your company servers, there is a need of complete protection against hacking of data. You need a device or an application software so as to avoid access to data by unauthorised user’s. To make up for such needs a new technology has been launched in the market.It is known as Firegate.The software is manufactured by Wiresoft Company. Firegate resembles Firewall proxy software but  is more powerful and stronger and provides enhanced protection against hacking.The engineers in the company have secretly built a code that block any kind of unauthorised access to the company’s confidential data from a remote device.
To prove the fact that Firegate technology provides strong and efficient protection against the stealing of critical data, the company has challenged the hackers to make an attempt to crack the firegate code and rob the data from the protected computer.The company is offering a huge $ 24,000 as the prize many.Thus, we can now feel relieved after the launch of this new technology called Firegate that offers committed protection to our data against hacking.



  1. mark said,

    wow………. it’s realy hot ….

  2. webmaster said,

    slb la tava mai trece 2 decenii pana apare asta ;;)

  3. sepenkey said,

    Simply nice post…

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