Nokia Booklet 3G

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Nokia Booklet

After quarter of century,Nokia Technology has come up with its first ever Notebook computer, Nokia booklet 3G, after Nokia N900 which is slightly smaller than the Nokia booklet 3G. Thus, with the launch of Nokia booklet 3GNokia is about to play another successful innings in the market.

The Nokia booklet 3G signies elegance,with its body being crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum. The alluminium body imparts solidness and enhances durability, also the upper surface is layered with a gloss plastic cover to make the surface scratch resistant. Besides, Nokia Technology gifts a soft cloth with the netbook to wipe off the fingerprints on surface. Nokia booklet 3G is easily manageable with a single hand and weighs around 2.8 pounds. It has an excellent 16 cell battery at the bottom which can live upto more than 8 hours. At the sides, there are 3 USB ports, an HDMI port, a headphone jack, and SD and SIM card slots, but no VGA or Ethernet ports. This undoubtedly is a drawback of Nokia Booklet 3G as it weakens the 3G Connectivity or wi-fi. The 10.1-inch edge-to-edge glass display with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 provides an enhanced view of the objects. The Nokia Booklet 3G has keyboard with rubbery keys a bit smaller in size, but still can be easily punched into the keyboard. The Trackpad has being rightly placed on the device. The trackpad itself is large enough to navigate the desktop and the dedicated right and left mouse buttons, but it does entertain multi touch gestures. It also possess the The LED-backlit display.

Nokia-BookletNokia booklet 3 G has an inbuilt lower-power Intel Atom Z530,4,200rpm, 20GB hard drive. Thus, as evident the device is not much efficient in terms of processing speed, it is very dull in performance. Besides, it runs Windows 7 Starter Edition Technology, so no of scope of renovating desktop background or extending your desktop to another monitor. The Nokia Booklet 3G also has an integrated SIM slot that allows you connect to AT&T’s 3G network. There’s also aided GPS in the form of an Ovi Maps widget for the desktop. you can also send text messages from your SIM. The gadget is priced at $599.

As a conclusion, we can say that Nokia Booklet 3G is an elegant,durable,resistant gadget with sluggish performance speed due to slow processors and small hard disks used. Nokia is debuting in the market with its first ever laptop so it can be spared this time. We understand its lack of knowledge about the latest trends and requirements of the laptop industry. So, try to innovate in a better way next time. In the end,Nokia Booklet 3G is beautifully crafted but its price and performance do not match upto it’s elegance and the Technology used is also not efficient to perform the operations easily in a speedy way.



  1. SEO SUD said,

    hey thats great .. nokia is already a well trusted brand in cellular phones and now its nice to hear that its into laptops too.. wil be sure a successful step…

  2. Software said,

    woohhhooo…this surly b my nxt lappii….:0

  3. satyendra said,

    Undoubtly the product is good. The look and feel of the product is sophisticated. The only drawback is the wifi connectivity.

  4. Nokia Booklet 3G « Arbertechno's Blog | High technology information said,

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