Firefox set to debut as mobile browser

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Firefox for mobile

The Firefox technology has achieved distinction as a browser in the virtual world of PCs. But, is an alien for the mobile world. Now, the Firefox technology is get set to launch itself in the mobile world too. Mozilla is busy giving finishing touches to its upcoming project- “Firefox is debuting as a mobile browser very soon”. Firefox is about to jump in the race with its first version of Firefox within week a week or so. The competition is really hard as Firefox would have to give tough competition to its Rival. It will be neck-to-neck competition off course. The company aims to release the blueprint of version within next week. However. The original product can be expected to hit the market by the end of this year.Firefox for mobile

Mozilla has always been in news for the latest technology used for efficient browsing in the internet. But, when we talk about the mobile phones, where the power of a new generation of hardware has amended browsers from primitive afterthoughts to useful tools, Firefox has been out of action. The Firefox technology is being powered by Webkit , an open-source project that makes the browser accessible on higher-end mobile phones , Apple’s iPhone, the Palm Pre, and Motorola’s Droid, Blackberry and Mobiles operating via the Google’s Android operating system.

Well, this technology viz the Fist version of Firefox will use the new Nokia N900 as the launchpad. A multiple reasons exist as to why Firefox opted this Model.Well, this $569 device ia a hybrid computer, it being the first ever mobile to use Linux-based Maemo operating system. A windows mobile version of Firefox is also planned to be introduced in the beginning of 2010. The technology behind the Firefox mobile browser is the same code used in Firefox 3.6.  With the help of Mozilla service and browser plug-in termed as Weave, mobile Firefox customize bookmarks, passwords, and open tabs as per the desktop version of the browser. Besides this, Firefox used in Nokia N900 will be capable of running multiple Firefox extensions–AdBlock Plus. Thus, It can be expected that Firefox technology will be a success in the Mobile world Also. We long for the success of this upcoming technology of Mozilla Firefox mobile browser.



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