The Paper Battery Technology

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Paper Battery Technology

With the emerging Technology in the present scenario, away from the imagination of the human mind the paper battery concept has been made-up by the researchers at the Stanford University California. Replacing the currently used lithium-ion and other existing battery technologies, the paper battery will be far competent and highly promising to provide power for the electronic devices. Scientists at Stanford University managed to turn a piece of paper that had been coated with ink made from silver nanowires and carbon nanotubes into what has been called a “paper battery”.

The paper battery is premeditated on a much more power efficient (efficient with up to 10 times as long-lasting as current Lithium-ion batteries) silicon nanowires Technology. The featured characteristics of low-cost and ultra light weight make it one of its kinds. This sort of Technology once perfected could have a significant advantage for providing the power source to the hybrid vehicles. Due to its flexible design and cost affordability this will be best suited for the day-to-day life portable gadgets. The paper battery concept is soon going to be launched on a worldwide scale, although no exact date has been decided for it by the researchers but it will be soon commercialized. Thus, we can assume that its the dawn of a new Technology.



  1. mark said,

    this realy very good tech,………….exelent

  2. SEO SUD said,

    hey seriously, thats awesome it will definitely bring a revolution in the field of portable electronic devices.

  3. Yatindra said,

    great technology…

  4. Guru said,

    awesome technology…thank for share with us

  5. Guru said,

    thanks for quit knowledgeable topic

  6. John said,

    Thanks for Sharing !

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