The Hyperboot Technology

December 16, 2009 at 11:50 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Hyperboot TechnologyKeeping apart the fact that today computers have become indispensible, but still there are certain drawbacks that hampers the efficiency of your PC. Boot up time of a system is one such drawback that affects the processing of a computer adversely. Now, Diskeeper has came forward with a new Technology called as “Hyperboot” . Diskeeper claims that this Technology will fasten up the process of booting, thereby reducing the boot time and improving the system’s performance. The Technology was initially released for OEM, but recently this Technology was being tested on laptops. The result proved that the Hyperboot Technology considerably decreases the boot time and increases the processing speed. Obviously, this will affect the boot down time also.

Hyperboot Technology is grounded on a software that rearranges the sequence of applications and services as their priority by windows,thus reducing the delay and enhancing efficiency. The use of Hyperboot Technology improves the CPU utilisation almost by 100% while windows are loading. In addition to this, Hyperboot physically relocates the arrangement of windows boot data in order to bring the data closer. Hence, minimizing the access delays due to the spindle movement from one part of disk to other.

Even after optimizing a PC the first time, HyperBoot continuously monitors and re-optimize Windows during the run time. During this run time multiple more applications are installed in the PC forbidding the languor that most users have become habitual to. The software used in this technique shreds the shutdown time considerably. The Earlier launched Version one of HyperBoot was developed for Windows XP and conventional hard disk drives whereas the Version two is suitable for Windows 7, SSD drives. As mentioned earlier, the Hyperboot Technology cuts down the boot down time also.


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