Samsonite luggage Trolley cum Scooter

December 17, 2009 at 1:26 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

 Samsonite Luggage trolley cum scooter Samsonite Luggage trolley cum scooter

Technology has become so vast today. Every existing or developing object has the inbuilt technological has instinct. Every object is technically oriented. Now,even the bags have become high-tech to facilitate in carrying the baggage. Adding more to this, Samsonite has launched a new Samsonite luggage Trolley cum Scooter. Astonished. No need,you are not in sleep. Now you need not to drag your luggage like a Coolie ( luggage carrier) after enjoying a holiday.

Dragging your Bags & Baggage along, after enjoying an action-packed and soothing vacations is really a hard task. This is too tiring. Well now no need to pull around your luggage and wheel it back home. The reason being the invention of this new Technology. Besides carrying your luggage,the Samsonite luggage bag is mobile mini scooter that lets you to ride back to your home along with your luggage.

This discovery seems quite like a fantasy, as everyone else is roaming around with the bulks of luggage, you are set to flee carrying your luggage back to home without sweating. The journey would obviously be exciting and will tend you to be at home in a short span of time. It is expected that this product will be a success because of its effectiveness and the exciting features.soon, you’ll encounter many Samsonite luggage Trolley cum Scooter. The other details of the product details like its release, price and all stock related details will be available in the coming months. To wrap, this innovative Technology viz ” Samsonite luggage Trolley cum Scooter ” can be expected to be a grand success.



  1. harrini.u said,

    i hope it will be a successful product as it has a lot of importance.And also very useful.

  2. Samsonite Outlet - Factory Stores said,

    […] | Blog | Top Brands Comparison – Samsonite Luggage, Travelpro Luggage, and Delsey LuggageSamsonite luggage Trolley cum Scooter var base_url_sociable = '' #header { […]

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