Microsoft certifies Flight Simulator Technology

December 19, 2009 at 6:59 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Microsoft Flight Simulator Technology

Microsoft is now concreted a deal to license its visual simulation Technology to Flight1 Aviation Technologies, As per the sources, Microsoft is about to grant license to its ESP v1.0 object code which will definitely aid the flight Technology company in performing their responsibilities with more perfection. The company can create more detailed, customized flight safety, flight training and strategic solutions for the clients. Microsoft Flight Simulator Technology

Microsoft’s ESP provides a visual simulation software platform that allows users imitate as if they are travelling in different vehicles or modes of transport. This Technology enables the user to simulate themselves as if they are actually operating the Vehicle. Flight1 Tech will use the Technology to develop visual simulations to aid the trainees learning to fly planes.

Besides this, Microsoft has also licensed its ESP Technology to Lockheed Martin to aid the in training the war fighters in battle. Earlier, Microsoft had terminated this Flight Simulator Technology, but now seems to make the Technology live upto the Expectations. However, the due date of this Technology‘s Birth is still uncertain. It seems like Microsoft will retain to monetize via certifying the Technology.


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