Intel’s Atom chip Technology for Netbooks

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Intel Atom Chip Technology

Intel is about to bring a new revolution in the Technology market. Intel will be using its latest N450 processor and NM10 Express chipset–Technology in the Netbook computers. These Netbooks are expected to hit the market in january 2010. As quoted by Intel more than 80 new Netbook designs will be showcased at the premier of this New Atom chip Technology in the month of january. The quoted prices of this new collection are around $350.

The Pine Trail structure compresses the graphics function, which was earlier on a separate chip, onto the central processing unit, or CPU, a first for Intel. Thus, the decrease in the number of chips from three to two leads to the reduction in the overall chip size approximately by 60%. This Technology introduces the first ever monolithic processor with built-in graphics and the memory controller. Also,this results in increased battery life and decreased dimensions of the Notebook.

This new Atom chip Technology will be compatible with windows 7 Starter or Home Basic. Also, it will be at par compatible with Windows XP Home and Intel ‘s Moblin Linux operating systems. Intel is also planning to bring in new Atom Processors in the Market,Namely,

  • N450: 1.66GHz, 512KB cache, DDR2-667, TDP: 5.5W
  • D510: 1.66GHz, 1MB cache, DDR2-800/667, TDP: 13W (2 cores)
  • D410: 1.66GHz, 512KB cache, DDR2-800/667, TDP: 10W

These processors will be powered by two processing cores, the D510, which is an enhanced counterpart to existing dual-core Atom. undoubtedly, this new Atom chip Technology will make the Notebooks even more popular.


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