Single Molecule Transistor Technology

December 24, 2009 at 8:58 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Generally a Transistor is build up of two electrodes, a source and a sink, along with a gate to control the flow of current between the electrodes. But now a new type of Transistor Technology being invented by an international team of researchers is about to bring revolution in the functioning and activation of Transistors. The team raised a curtain for the New ” Single Molecule Transistor Technology ” that is actively responsive to a gate voltage just like the traditional semiconductors. Single Molecule Transistor Technology

In Single Molecule Transistor Technology, the semiconductor is substituted with a single Molecule. The design of such a system allows the electrons to flow randomly via various Molecules but controlling the flow of electrons is comparatively difficult in such cases.  Some efforts done earlier, have switched currents on and off by altering the charge on the Molecule or experimenting with the spin of the electrons passing from it.

The researchers of the Single Molecule Transistor Technology employed a different methodology for creation of a nano scale gap in a gold wire which was placed directly above an aluminum oxide electrode that operates the gate. The gold has been wrapped up with either of the two types of Molecules and no sooner did the gap was created then there is a feasibility that one of those Molecules is being introduced in the newly vacated space that bridges the gap. Thereby, allowing the Molecules to generate currents between the two gold electrodes. This Single Molecule Transistor Technology will definitely leave a mark.


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