Windows 7 fails to shock Mac sale

December 28, 2009 at 11:27 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Latest Technology news from Windows says that the Windows 7 is an improved version of Windows Vista is aiding a lot in generating considerable sale at work place. Windows 7 needs less system requirement than any other version of Windows Vista, thus making it more popular among computer users. But according to latest figures in market, Windows 7 is not succeeding on its way to surpass the acceptable level of Macs at the work place. Apple is supposed to mature at the same time, whereas the purchase rate of Mac desktops by various business companies stands on 7%. The sale of Mac Books has increased by 10 percent in a last couple of days.

Released report of Change Wave revealed that laptop Technology giant Dell and HP are supposed to promote from a minor increment in corporate sales with a respective 33 percent and 18 percent business concern planning to purchase desktops pc and notebooks as well. 93 percent of business companies are very much satisfied with Windows 7 version because they haven’t made a serious decision in order to go for upgrades at the workplace end.

But only 19 percent plans are class of any alteration, and only 3 percent plan for a “significant” change to get Windows 7 into their businesses early. Literally no one knows what leads Apple as a front line runner, however inhabitant Exchange 2007 may sustain Snow Leopard to put the results along with overall less costly Mac Books and Mac Book Pros from the past few months.


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