Managing PS3 using a Nokia N900

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TheTechnology today has advanced adversely, We can even control the devices we’ll discuss about Managing a wireless PS3 controller using a Nokia N900.

Although, the output cannot be displayed from your PS3, but it is still a better substitute for the controller and does not require any moderate skills. Rather what you need is a replicated form of the BlueMaemo Bluetooth emulator Technology. By using the emulator you can prank the PS3 into thinking an Nokia N900 as a controller and later using the touchscreen to handle input.

BlueMaemob is efficient for menu navigation and not game control. If u want to implement then you can test emulator for free. The instructions are available about how to set your Nokia N900 up for Emulator Technology.



  1. Managing PS3 using a Nokia N900 - Technology & Science said,

    […] Managing PS3 using a Nokia N900 […]

  2. hamid varasteh said,

    darhkaste nokia n900

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