DoT aims to launch MNP Technology in India by March 31

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MNP Technology in India arriving by March 31
DoT (Department of Telecommunications)

DoT i.e The Department of Telecom has officially announced to launch the MNP Technology by march 31 all over the Nation. The MNP Technology is the acronym for ” mobile number portability “. It lets the mobile users to switch to other Telecom operators with the need to alter their mobile numbers. As per the sources, DoT aims to launch MNP Technology in India by March 31.
MPN- mobile number portability

The government targets for a nation wide simultaneous implementation of the MNP Technology by March 31, 2010. In fact as per the proposed plan the MNP Technology was to be activated in category A circles like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra from January 1, 2010 with the rest of the India availing the services of MNP Technology in April 2010. However, it might be that the target date may get extended due to the incomplete upgradation of the telecommunication networks of many Telecom companies.

As per a recent news DoT has now announced that the  MNP Technology would be implemented nation wide most probably by April 1,2010. Still, there are many factors that may retard the processing of the nation wide launch of the MNP Technology. For instance, As quoted by the Home ministry, the minority shareholders of the US-based TelcordiaTechnologies do not have any practical experience in running telecom operations. Also, the link of Telcordia with Pakistan made the things suspicious. The Home ministry is not in favour to proceed with the MPN Project in such circumstances. Thus, all these factors might hamper the progress of MPN Technology project causing a delay in the launch date. According to the DoT ‘s requirements the Indian entity requires a foreign partner with relevant expertise in mobile number portability.”


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  1. Rekha said,

    As per MNP is delayed again!!

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