Choc Fridge- Innovative Technology for storing chocolates

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Choc Fridge

Choc Fridge is the latest innovation in the refrigeration Technology made especially for storing Chocolates. Doubtlessly, it must have happened multiple times with you that you have to dispose off your favourite chocolates because of a peculiar odor oozing from the chocolates. The reason being the storage of chocolates along with other food materials inside the refrigerator. So as to avoid any further wastage of chocolates in future,  Choc Fridge has been designed.

The design of Choc Fridge is based on Innovative Peltier refrigeration Technology. The Choc Fridge offers a suitable place to store your chocolates for a longer time preserving its original flavour and freshness. In order to reduce the power consumption, the interiors of Choco Fridge are designed to be active at a temperature of only 20 degrees along with a superficial LCD for displaying the current temperature. The user-friendly magnetic lid renders commodious use. The compact and lightweight design of the device lets the user to store it in the kitchen or living room also. Till date no details are available of its launch and price. We hope that this Yummy Technology-” The Choc Fridge ” hits the market soon.

Choc FridgeChoc FridgeChoc Fridge



  1. mark said,

    wow it will keep my chocolate cold…. coll device…

  2. neha said,

    wowww.. its amazing technology

  3. Moranna said,

    My chocolate doesn’t last long enough to collect bad fridge odors!!

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