Features Of Nokia 5230

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Nokia is a leading manufacturer of Mobile phones. It has now launched its new Innovative Technology, Nokia 5230 Mobile Phone in India.

Lets have a Glimpse of the Features of Nokia 5230.

  • It has the Bluetooth version 2.0.
  • Nokia 5230 is equipped with Bluetooth profiles like A2DP, AVRCP.
  • It features MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol) support.
  • Nokia 5230 enables the users for direct printing to compatible picture printers.
  • Nokia 5230 renders support for PC synchronization with Nokia Ovi Suite.
  • Also features Flash Lite 3.0.
  • Nokia 5230 offers excellent maintenance of data with Word, Excel.
  • It Also comes with a 2 Mega Pixel Camera and MP3.

With all the above mentioned features, Nokia 5230 is an excellent Technology for Future. With an affordable price of 8500, Nokia 5230 is going to storm the Indian mobile market. It is definitely a New Year’s gift to all the Indian Mobile users from Nokia.



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