The New Verizon Wireless Omnia II

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The New Verizon Wireless Omnia II is a perfect phone for the smartphone beginners. Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface provides a smooth interactive home screen. However this feature in the smartphone retards the Technology Gadget..

The Dimensions of The New Verizon Wireless Omnia II are 4.7 x 2.3 x .5 inches and it weighs about 4.7 ounces. Even then it gives a feel of delight when hold in hands and while talking on the phone. It posses a wide and elegant 3.7-inch resistive AMOLED display screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. At the Bottom of the phone there are the Send/End keys, a central faceted gemstone looking button for accessing the phone’s main menu, Volume keys, an OK button, a 3.5mm headphone jack on the left side of the phone, a stylus on the top right, camera quick launch key, micro USB charging port, and screen-lock button are on the right side of the Omnia II.

The New Verizon Wireless Omnia II features a different keyboard based on the Swype Technology, You can tap-type on the fairly good landscape as well as the horizontal keyboards. The Smartphone facilitates support for full Microsoft Exchange thereby allowing you to synchronize with your work e-mail, calendar entries, and contacts. The Quoted price of The New Verizon Wireless Omnia II is around $199.



  1. happy said,

    hey, nice technology.

  2. mark said,

    this phone is New Technology phone with good features.

  3. neha said,

    Gud gadget…but work on reducing the weight…

  4. Yatindra said,

    wow nice phone having a very high resolution 800x480px is pretty good.

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