Breathe-The Innovative Aeroponics Technology

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Breathe is the latest Aeroponics Technology. It is a Aeroponics garden concept which has invented the need way of harvesting plants and herbs in the internals of your Home. This Innovative vegetation system contains misters below the structure that feeds water and other nutrients to the plants via their roots.

Besides a rendering a non-soil environment for growing fresh vegetables, Aeroponics Technology also provides periodical water flow to the plants thus giving additional placidity to the user. Breathe includes a plug for gaining the appropriate energy to pump the water and set the misters off. It also provides backup batteries that assure continuous functionality during the time of power outage.



  1. Denis Dimech said,

    What is the cost ofthis gaget…

    • arbertechno said,

      Well Dear its just a concept as of now. So no idea about its price.

  2. Denis Dimech said,

    What is the cost of this equipment?

    • Denis Dimech said,

      Sorry for repeating the question but did not realis you answered to my first question.
      When do you think it will be on the market?

  3. izneb said,

    The roots in the light are not a problem?

    Best regards


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