New Donut and Fast Food USB Flash Drives

January 28, 2010 at 12:12 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Now USB Flash Drives will be available in exciting and tempting shapes of Donut and Fast Food. Isn’t It tempting? This is what we call tasty Technology. Since many years the USB Flash Drives have been introduced in various innovative shapes and sizes, but this time this new series of USB Flash Drives is dedicated to the Fast Food lovers due to their overwhelming craze for Fast Food. Undoubtedly, this line of USB Flash Drives is very eye-catching.

A Japanese company called Greenhouse is offering 2GB USB Flash Drives in various shapes of American foods. The USB 2.0 Flash Drives are available in tempting shapes of burger, hot dog, pizza, and submarine sandwich. Also, Chocolate and Strawberry Donut 2GB Flash Drives are available for data storage purposes.

If you are Impressed and really want to take home some tasty USB Flash Drives, then you can grab these Fast Food USB Flash Drives for 14,500.00 Yen (approximately $160). All in All, It’s a tempting and delicious Innovative Technology for safe storage of your data.



  1. mark said,

    i love that New technology fast food USB device..

  2. Ankur Tandon said,

    Its tempting…But these days the size of each device is decreasing day by day with the increase in technology. These Donut and Fast Food USB’s are not that portable. But yes it will be surely loved by FAST FOOD LOVERS.

  3. neha said,

    wowwwwww. now m too confused what i say…its USB flash drives or somthing Yummy yummy…….hmmm this USB flash drives shapes of fast foods its really a mouth watering

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