Innovative Technology- USB-Powered Eyelash Curler

January 29, 2010 at 6:55 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Eyelash Curler

These days everything has become so advanced and compatible. Even the Beauty gadgets. Yes, Now the Eyelash Curler has come in an all new avatar. It’s so because now you can operate the Eyelash Curler with the help of a USB Port. This is called adaptive Technology. So now you can Curl your Eyelashes anywhere, anytime via the USB Port (of a computer, Dvd’s or even a laptop).

Thanko, A brand manufacturer of many innovative USB flash drives has now showcased this new cool beauty Gagdet for women. It is named as USB-Powered Eyelash Curler. This gadget is completely a user-friendly gadget made especially for the women who always long to look beautiful. You simply need to connect the USB-Powered Eyelash Curler with the USB port and its ready to beautify your Eyelashes. The USB-Powered Eyelash Curler is an advanced fashion Technology. It is expected to get optimum responses from the customers. This beauty gadget is also called a touch of beauty Eyelash Curler. The price of this Beuty tool is $ 33.38 or 1,547.28 INR.



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  1. mark said,

    this is realy nice New technology for women which save time and energy…….

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