Nokia Morph-the future Technology

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Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph
Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph is a joint nano technology concept, germinated by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the University of Cambridge (UK). The Nokia Morph provides a virtual; vision to the future mobiles and their capabilities. It is possible that unlike the mobiles available today,the gadgets will be stretchable and flexible, thereby allowing the user to alter the design of mobile into radically different shapes. Also,it describes that how nano technology would aid in delivering services like flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

USP device conception represents a revolution in technology that will bring boom into the mobile phone industry.We conceive that nano technology could provide improved usability, and enable far more smart devices. Consumers will adore as it will adapt and transform itself as per the user,is easy to use and transformable. It will be curtain raises to fresh technology of connectivity of the user with its surroundings.

Some of the features of Nano Morph will be:

Flexible & Changing Design:  Nano technology would use materials and components that of flexible, stretchable, transparent nature and which are remarkably strong. Fibril proteins are threaded in the form of a three-dimensional mesh that reinforces thin elastic structures. Thus,the elasticity allows the device to transform shapes and configure itself to adapt to the task at hand.

Self-Cleaning:  Nano technology also can be supplemented to design self-cleaning surfaces on mobile devices, thereby reducing corrosion, wear and improving longevity.

Advanced Power Sources:  Nano technology confirms that the surface of a device is a natural source of energy if it has a layer of Nanograss structures that generate solar power. simultaneously,new high energy density storage materials reduces the battery dimensions, also enabling fast recharging of battery.

Sensing The Environment: Nanosensors in Nokia Morph would empower users to inspect the environmental conditions around them like analyzing air pollution, to gain insight into bio-chemical traces and processes. Our ability to monitor our environment in these ways can really aid us in making key decisions that direct our daily actions and ultimately can improve our health.

The Nano technology would bring new revolutions in the world as it would be more than just a mobile phone.


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