Nokia Morph-the future Technology

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Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph
Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph is a joint nano technology concept, germinated by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the University of Cambridge (UK). The Nokia Morph provides a virtual; vision to the future mobiles and their capabilities. It is possible that unlike the mobiles available today,the gadgets will be stretchable and flexible, thereby allowing the user to alter the design of mobile into radically different shapes. Also,it describes that how nano technology would aid in delivering services like flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

USP device conception represents a revolution in technology that will bring boom into the mobile phone industry.We conceive that nano technology could provide improved usability, and enable far more smart devices. Consumers will adore as it will adapt and transform itself as per the user,is easy to use and transformable. It will be curtain raises to fresh technology of connectivity of the user with its surroundings.

Some of the features of Nano Morph will be:

Flexible & Changing Design:  Nano technology would use materials and components that of flexible, stretchable, transparent nature and which are remarkably strong. Fibril proteins are threaded in the form of a three-dimensional mesh that reinforces thin elastic structures. Thus,the elasticity allows the device to transform shapes and configure itself to adapt to the task at hand.

Self-Cleaning:  Nano technology also can be supplemented to design self-cleaning surfaces on mobile devices, thereby reducing corrosion, wear and improving longevity.

Advanced Power Sources:  Nano technology confirms that the surface of a device is a natural source of energy if it has a layer of Nanograss structures that generate solar power. simultaneously,new high energy density storage materials reduces the battery dimensions, also enabling fast recharging of battery.

Sensing The Environment: Nanosensors in Nokia Morph would empower users to inspect the environmental conditions around them like analyzing air pollution, to gain insight into bio-chemical traces and processes. Our ability to monitor our environment in these ways can really aid us in making key decisions that direct our daily actions and ultimately can improve our health.

The Nano technology would bring new revolutions in the world as it would be more than just a mobile phone.


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Joomla Web designing Technology

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The Renowned Joomla web designing or Joomla technology is an award-winning CMS or Content Management System which enable a website designer to create websites and strong online applications.Joomla is the favourite of all web developers.The reason being that it has an easy to use Interface,it is an open-source software which is suitable for a web designer who is not so technically sound.The other features of Joomla web designingare:Automated templates ,Automated templates, Add-on’s and plug-ins to enhancing it’s operating, Content that is easily modifiable,Document management, E-commerce features, Shopping cart features, Web standards upgrades and Workflow management.


All the above mentioned features being used by the Joomla web designersaid them in maximizing the earning potential of website in case of sales oriented websites. The Joomla web designing and Joomla technology offers the web designers with efficient methods and applications that are easy to use and applicable for achieving excellence.

For rendering Joomla web designing services, you need to contact the SEO Outsourcing India. Today,many a companies in India are providing best Joomla web designing services.They efficiently offer imaginative and nonrational design solutions for all kinds of web designing queries of web designers.

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Firegate Technology

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The computer technology has emerged as the most powerful technology that can make you rule the world. The development in this field has evolved very rapidly.Now-a-days,we can find the users of computer technology in offices,organisations,hospitals,homes,etc. The computers are interconnected to each other via the internet and can communicate to each other due to this interlinking.Although,Internet has become the most widely used concept for efficient working in all fields but protection of user’s data is still a major issue and has not been met completely,with satisfactory results from user’s prespective.Any unauthorised user can login to your computer remotely and can fetch user’s confidential data.This can lead to major losses to a person or a company.
FiregateSince, there are many confidential and personal data stored in your PC or your company servers, there is a need of complete protection against hacking of data. You need a device or an application software so as to avoid access to data by unauthorised user’s. To make up for such needs a new technology has been launched in the market.It is known as Firegate.The software is manufactured by Wiresoft Company. Firegate resembles Firewall proxy software but  is more powerful and stronger and provides enhanced protection against hacking.The engineers in the company have secretly built a code that block any kind of unauthorised access to the company’s confidential data from a remote device.
To prove the fact that Firegate technology provides strong and efficient protection against the stealing of critical data, the company has challenged the hackers to make an attempt to crack the firegate code and rob the data from the protected computer.The company is offering a huge $ 24,000 as the prize many.Thus, we can now feel relieved after the launch of this new technology called Firegate that offers committed protection to our data against hacking.

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Dell Showcases Precision M6500

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The latest technology is engulfing into Dell laptop version of its new release.The Precision M6500 technology is build up employing Intel Core i7 920XM Extreme Quad-Core 1.6 GHz speed.

The Precision M6500 is not so stylish, it’s Square design imparts it a sober look, This version of Precision M6500 is equipped with technology found in the dream: 920XM Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad-Core 1.6 GHz speed, 17 inch LED screen 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution and the Nvidia card will fall Quadro FX 3800M. This is the first ever version with this inbuilt card technology in a laptop.  In Dell Precision M6500 RAM Is connectable up to 16 GB. HP encourages use of three distinct hard drive having a capacity of  500 GB per drive at max, SSD hard drive of 256 GB and 160 GB encoding. You can also opt for an integrated optical drive which is a DVD or Blu-ray.

All connections in Precision M6500 use technology of like Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1, 3G and Ultra-Wideband (UWB). Apart from  the primary connections like the VGA port, four USB ports, 8 in 1 card reader and webcam 2 or 3 million pixels. Dell Precision M6500 is the first laptop with embedded Nvidia Quadro video card FX3800M Technology. The Precision M6500 incorporates the latest technology of Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit version) or RedHat Enterprise Linux. It measures 3.86 kg approx,with a battery life of 9 cell. This laptop version is a best buy at $ 2749 USD. This price may exceed depending upon  the users requirements and demands like RAM, video card or operating system. Apart from the availability of the Precision M6500 laptop in basic colors, it’s also launched in chunky pigments like  aluminum orange M6500 being priced at $4219 USD. Thus, this new Dell laptop is an innovation of the latest Technology.

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The Smart-Ball Tracking Technology

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THE AFL will shortly have access to world’s first ball-tracking technology, in collaboration with a Melbourne-based company aiming to bring revolution in field of managing a player’s performance.SmartBall, that is expected to make its debut by the end of december 2009,is a technology in which a microchip, or miniature e-tag is embedded in the football, thereby,allowing coaches and fitness staff to monitor ball movement in real-time from the interchange bench or coach’s box. It is being Manufactured by Catapult Innovations and co-developed by Sherrin.The SmartBall uses the existing athlete-tracking technology to relay the statistical data to the clubs prior to the disposals, ball use and work rate.

SmartballSmartBallBall-tracking Technology is really a boon for all the teams who are increasingly using technology to monitor every aspect of performance.SmartBall Technology provides an accurate solution for analysing team strategies, space and movement around the field.This technology was being under process for almost 2 1/2 years. At least 13 of the AFL’s 16 clubs are eager for arrival.The smartball will be released in Red and Yellow versions.

This invention would definitely permit coaches to have effort being wedded to efficiency during the session of game.”The clubs are very impressed with this new Ball Tracking Technology and are very eager to use of it. It captures the time of the movement of the ball around the field, which is gold in terms of match analysis.It can also be expected that the technology will also be acquired by broadcasters to provide the viewers with a more detailed insight into the game.

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The New Nokia N900 Maemo

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The Nokia N900 is a mobile Internet device and phone, from Nokia based on the Maemo technology,supplanting the N810. It was launched at Nokia World on 2 September 2009 and was released on 11 November 2009 in the United States and 9 European countries. It runs on the technology,i.e. Maemo 5 Linux as the operating system and is the first ever Nokia device based upon the technology called TI OMAP3 microprocessor with ARM Cortex-A8 core. The Nokia N900 will be the first Maemo device to offer phone functionality.It perfectly acts as a 5 mega pixel camera,a portable media player, and a mobile Internet device with email and web browsing.

The Nokia N900 is being set in motion along with Maemo 5,making the device a complete package offering overall more touch-friendly interface and an adjustable home screen which combines application icons with shortcuts and widgets. It’s Technology also supports Adobe Flash Player 9.4,also including many applications innovated specially for the mobile Technology like the new touch-friendly media player.

NokiaThe Nokia N900 is the only phone with the world’s only technology of usable version of mobile Firefox, enhanced with an actual copy of Adobe Flash 9.4.The features of HSDPA 10/2 modem in the  Nokia N900 handled DivX, XVID, WMV and MPEG-4 simple profile videos up to 640-by-480 resolution smoothly, maintaining lip sync well. MP3, AAC, and WMA music files all sounded crisp via a headset plugged in the standard, 3.5-mm jack. The Nokia N900 is Based on 3G technology, Linux smartphone with embedded XTerm.

The Nokia N900 is the sibling of Nokia’s impractical Internet Tablet line.By transforming a tablet into a phone and including Microsoft Exchange syncing, Nokia is attempting to make the N900 into a practical handheld mobile capable of doing everthing.The Nokia N900 uses the technology of Maemo 5,a Linux OS based on Debian
with a GTK-based GUI.

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The New Nokia 6720 classic

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Nokia has switched it’s technology focus from navigator to new set that centralizes on GPS.Yes,Here We are talking about Nokia’s new innovative technology,the New Nokia 6720 classic titanium. It has got all the characteristics prior to GPS like navigation and tagging. It also has got HSDPA and HSUPA, Bluetooth, USB embedded into it,and audio-visual jack also. This Nokia phone accompanies fresh technology features and most significantly,it is the most economical handset in the same range. Thus this feature makes it the first choice for the Technology lovers.Its features resemble with 6220 classic features.

The Phone weighs only 110g and size proportions are 110x45x14mm. It also has the Symbian smart with S60 features and technology of HASDPA and GPS. The design of the phone is specially made so as to give smooth talking experience as it beautifully synchronizes with the structure of our face.It is constructed using latest technology to give crystal sound quality with zero% noise as disturbance.It is designed to talk with style.You can talk for about 8.30hours.Its battery can live up for more than 20 long days.

With technology like HSPDA and 3G, it offers great services like great stereo music and high quality stream can browse the internet and perform downloading,emailing,etc.Due to Symbian S60 it offers the users to surf applications like face book, Google, twitter, you tube etc. It has N-gage support service,thus,it supports all the file formats like WMA, MP3 and FM radio.It has a memory card of 1GB card,which is extensible and can be extended upto max 8 GB.

The Nokia 6720 classic accompanies all the features a user can desire with latest technology. It has SUPTA and HSDPA which a cutting edge to the handset. It has fastest technology to let you render internet services all the time via your handset. It’s 5mega pixel camera can capture fine images.The handset also allows to access musical files.

In a Nutshell,the new Nokia 6720 Classic incorporates superb and latest technology called HSDPA and SUPA that facilitates fastest internet connectivity. Superb 5 Mega Pixel camera to take cool pictures and the latest Bluetooth Technology so as to make you stay connected. what all you need.So Just Rush to the nearest set and grab a set for yourself.

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Technology of cleaning environment using Co2

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Technology Co2

Technology Co2Now,the world has advanced a step closer to “clean coal,” all credit goes to the new technology which employs CO2 to make power generation more efficient.A research conducted by the scientists at Columbia University clearly depicts that via this technologymillions of tons of CO2 can made to trespass the layer of atmosphere and instead we can turn coal, biomass and municipal waste into cleaner fuel.Thus,saving our environment.The Technology is purely based on a well-established process called “gasification” that is already used to clean “dirty” fuels by heating them with steam and turning them into a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, known as syngas. In turn, that is then burned in power stations or used to create transport fuels.Technology Co2

But still this technology requires very large amounts of energy and water, and produced substantial CO2 emissions.However, the Columbia researchers have actually proved it that by adding CO2 into the mix and replacing some of the steam, the reaction becomes dramatically more efficient and much cleaner.The process is operated like the conventional gasifier,in which we use the biomass and blend it with some steam.But that’s where the similarities end, because instead of just using steam, we also used CO2, which serves two major purposes.

This technology is very Beneficial.As Firstly, it reacts with the biomass which is a better substitute to steam. Secondly,it cuts out the amount of steam demanded,thus,saving loads of energy and water.It’s a two-fold hit.After the hydrogen is removed from the syngas,the remaining carbon monoxide can be safely burned underground.A lot factors catalyse the reactions in the process and make the technology a much efficient concept.But looking at the economics and the scale,if we get a three, four or five percent efficiency, then,this technology is really going to drive many power companies towards itself.

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Videogame Technology in Forensic sciences!!!

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TechnologyHere,we’re discussing about a new technology that is expected to connect the world of forensic science in years to come.The criminilogists,will now be using the videogame technology to solve gruesome murder cases and other crimes too.The Technology will help in virtual Re-creation of the crime scene,so as to figure each action that occurred at the time of crime.Now,the problem is that while there have been major advancements in the field of forensic science technology, how investigative teams come together to collaborate has not yet changed over the years.
The Technology called as IC-CRIME,is abbreviated as interdisciplinary, cyber-enabled crime reconstruction through innovative methodology and engagement.The technology will employ the latest in 3-D laser scanning technologies and run on the Unity game engine technology, which powers over 50 commercial games like “FusionFall” and “VooDude.”The laser scanner technology, developed by Research Triangle Park company 3rdTech, will allow investigators to accurately record room and object dimensions, as well as the placement of every piece of evidence in a crime scene.The scanners used in this Technology are capable of  capturing millions of data points instantly and can plot highly detailed virtual crime scenes.The game world will be incorporated within a web page also containing data as text and 2D-graphics.The developers of this Technology claim to build an  interface on top of the game environment that will allow CSIs and other investigators to link locations in the crime scene to external sources of data, such as hair and fiber databases, finger print images and investigator notes.”Also, the simple interface will enhance the users to create scripts and virtual scenarios.
Game technology will aid developers in creating highly interactive and adaptable virtual Platforms.This technology will support ennumerous concurrent users, letting multiple CSIs for effective interaction with each other while exploring the virtual crime scene.IC-CRIME is expected to be active in Forensic sciences field within three years. But North Carolina law enforcement agencies, who will collaborate with NC State throughout this project, will have access to prototype technology in the second and third year of this development cycle to help with system assessment and validation.


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