Sony Vaio’s E-series Laptops

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Sony has come with its latest Technology Laptops.The Sony Vaio’s E-series Laptops including two all new Laptops,the new Vaio E Series 14-inch and the Vaio E Series 17-inch ultra slim Laptop. These Sony Vaio’s E-series Laptops are the fresh Technology Gadgets in the E-series Laptops and they are available in multiple vibrant shades. Sony Vaio’s E-series Laptops have the blue-ray Technology.

Sony Vaio’s E-series 17-inch Laptop features the latest Core i5 chip processor, a full-HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and has a 16:9 LED-backlit. While the 14-inch model is powered by a core i3 2.13 ghz processor and it also comes along with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Graphics, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, Motion Eye Web Camera, HDMI out and 3 USB Ports, 1 GB VRAM, LCD display with 16:9 LED-backlit with a resolution of 1600 x 900. Currently no price Information is available about these latest Sony Vaio’s E-series Laptops. These Technology Gadgets will be marketed in this May, beggining with the Uk markets first.


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MSI New Technology- GE700 gaming laptop

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MSI has recently launched its New Technology, GE700 gaming laptop. GE700 gaming laptop has a high resolution17.3-inch LCD along with an ATI Radeon HD5730. It is created using the Intel Core i5 chip theory. It is quite efficient and potent with a nine cell battery making it live up for long hours. In addition, GE700 gaming laptop has multiple slots of dual hard disks of 500GB/bay.

The GE700 gaming laptop weighs 3.2kg and has a 720p HD webcam, graphics card of 1GB DDR3 VRAM , two cinema-class speakers, a subwoofer, dual hard disk for excessive memory storage capacity. It is also equipped with superior multimedia, entertainment, and processing capabilities for extraordinary gaming experience. The MSI New Technology– GE700 gaming laptop is a smart gadget, but its cost is still under the curves.

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BSNL launches FTTH Technology in Jaipur

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BSNL, india’s leading Telecom provider has launched the FTTH Technology in Jaipur for the first time. The FTTH Technology will render quick and enhanced video and data services. The FTTH service was being inaugurated by minister of state for communications & IT Sachin Pilot. It’s a joint project of BSNL and AKSH Optifibre Ltd. The FTTH Technology will currently offer facilitate customers of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota and Alwar. The FTTH network is being innovated using the Gigabyte Passive Optical Technology.

The FTTH Technology will boost BSNL to deliver high-speed broadband access (1000 Mbps approx.)and a bundle of other Triple Play (voice-video-data) services such as IPTV, HDTV, 3DTV, video on demand, bandwidth on demand, video conferencing, interactive gaming, and many such value added services. The BSNL’s FTTH Technology is based on a Self-Healing Network , which offers uninterrupted information flow even if the optical fibre is damaged by routing the data flow to some other line.

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LG’s X300 netbook

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LG has showcased the new LG’s X300 netbook which is the LG‘s latest Technology in the market. LG’s X300 netbook is powered by a 2.0 GHz Intel Menlow platform with an extendable memory up to 2GB memory and 128GB SSD. It operates using Windows 7 Home Premium OS and has a 2-cell battery living upto seven hours of continuous use. LG’s X300 netbook offers a wide and sharp display with its 11.6-inch LCD screen. It’s design looks so fresh and chic with the reflective keyboard and borderless touchpad.

Moreover, LG’s X300 netbook comes with all multimedia features like a 1.3-megapixel webcam with a You-Cam viewer, and SRS TruSurround HD sound, GSM, GPRS, EDGE UMTS, or HSDPA networks. The LG’s X300 netbook is a smart Technology currently available in two colors viz shiny white and light brown.

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Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology

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Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology

Now a new Technology is all set to compete with the latest electronic brands like Nokia, apple and many more. This latest Technology is called Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology. The Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology was recently announced by a group of technocrats. They claim that this Technology, which is an advanced version of Bluetooth Technology, will come in the market by 4th quarter of this year and devices such as headsets, mobile phones, computers and other Technology gadgets will also be launched. The Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology will allow compact devices with small batteries to use the Bluetooth 4.0 unlike the Bluetooth Technology.

The Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology also claims less power consumption than the earlier versions. Besides, it will also render a high-speed data transfer rate for carrying out high-speed Wi-Fi feature introduced with Bluetooth 3.0. This feature will also offer Wi-Fi 802.11 networks to the devices using which the data can be transferred at upto 25Mbits per second. The Bluetooth 4.0 Q410 Technology is a much more powerful and smarter Technology than the earlier version of Bluetooth.

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Funny USB Memory Stick- the latest Technology

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The Funny USB Memory Stick is the Latest Concept Technology. It resembles a Japanese revolving lantern. The Funny USB Memory Stick has very awesome and artistic transparent glass body.  It offers several functionalities. Within the glass body the Funny USB Memory Stick exhibits different colors for distinct data. For instance, pink color indicates images, green indicates movies, blue for documents and no light indicates no data transfer.

Besides, all these features, Funny USB Memory Stick displays stupendous effects of moving lights on shaking it. The desktop icon is also synchronized in according with the operating system, thereby making it more compact. In short, Funny USB Memory Stick is a very innovative and elegant Technology.

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The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology

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 The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology

The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology has finally arrived in the market. The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet is boosted by a powerful battery life and is powered by the Intel Atom processor. It has a 10.1 inch screen display with WXVGA resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels thereby letting the users to enjoy watching videos with an aspect ratio of 16:9. In addition , The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology is completely multi-touch rendering 3-finger navigation through the display and it also comes with a stylus.

The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet is wrapped in a sleek case measuring 10.23” in width, 7.28” in length and 1.02” in depth, and has a weight of 1.21 kg. It also features the Windows 7 operating system, VOIP Technology, ready webcam, MIC,Wi-Fi, 3G and an SDHC card slot. The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology is currently available in US markets with an introductory price tag of $699

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E-Ink Passport Studio HDD

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 E-Ink Passport Studio HDD

Western Digital has recently launched its newest Technology, E-Ink Passport Studio HDD. E-Ink Passport Studio HDD is a smart device with a customizable E-Ink displays, a FireWire 800 interface, USB 2.0 port, Apple TimeMachine support, WD SmartWare software which allows the protection of the confidential data of the users by means of automatic and continuous backup and encryption.

E-Ink Passport Studio HDD facilitates an eased management of the users data in different tracks and files. The e-label smart display application assists the user in organizing and keeping a track of the significant and confidential files at its workplace even without plugging the device into an electric socket. The E-Ink Passport Studio HDD is an advanced Technology coming currently in 320GB, 500GB and 640GB storage packs with price tags of $149.99, $179.99 and $199.99, respectively.

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BSNL launches 4G Technology-WIMAX

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BSNL becomes the first operator to introduce the 4G Technology WIMAX in India by launching India’s first ever mobile broadband 4G  Technology (fourth generation ) Internet access network mobile WiMAX in Kerala. This service would be facilitated by the Technology from AVIAT. WiMAX being abbreviated as Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Technology will provide high-speed internet access upto 37 mbps.

BSNL 4G Technology WiMAX will render excellent broadband access at a comparatively better price and performance ratio than the other broadband Technologies. This Technology claims to offer omnipresent high-speed broadband connectivity round the clock for devices such as Desktop, Laptop on wireless. Currently, BSNL 4G Technology WIMAX is available in two tariff plans, viz a home Plan at a fixed monthly rental of Rs 999 and Business plan at Rs 1,999 which will offer a bandwidth upto 512 to 2 mbps.

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LG GD910 Watch Phone arrives in India

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LG GD910 Watch Phone arrives in India

LG has now introduced its LG GD910 Watch Phone in India. Yes, The Phone has finally arrived in India . It’s a Great Technology as it a Combo of a Watch and Phone. The LG GD910 Watch Phone resembles a normal watch and it can also be acquire the shape of a Mobile Phone when desired.

LG GD910 Watch Phone is the latest innovative Watch Phone being launched in India. It has a very slim design, just 13.9mm thick . LG GD910 Watch Phone is equipped with all smart features like 3G, Video, Bluetooth headset ,the front of the Watch Phone is wrapped in a scratch-proof tempered glass. This Stylish Technology can be owned at a price of Rs. 49,990 only. This bulky amount is justifies completely with the Style and smartness of the LG GD910 Watch Phone.

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