The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology

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 The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology

The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology has finally arrived in the market. The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet is boosted by a powerful battery life and is powered by the Intel Atom processor. It has a 10.1 inch screen display with WXVGA resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels thereby letting the users to enjoy watching videos with an aspect ratio of 16:9. In addition , The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology is completely multi-touch rendering 3-finger navigation through the display and it also comes with a stylus.

The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet is wrapped in a sleek case measuring 10.23” in width, 7.28” in length and 1.02” in depth, and has a weight of 1.21 kg. It also features the Windows 7 operating system, VOIP Technology, ready webcam, MIC,Wi-Fi, 3G and an SDHC card slot. The New Viliv S10 Blade Tablet Technology is currently available in US markets with an introductory price tag of $699


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Lenovo launches Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook cum Tablet PC

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Lenovo has been in spotlight at the CES 2010 after the launch of its New Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook cum Tablet PC. The Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook cum Tablet PC is another instance of innovative Technology with all new striking features. But the most astonishing fact about the device is that it can separate its head from the rest of its body. Once separated, the base of the PC turns into a 3G wireless hub for the tablet, assuring that you keep up live with your Internet connection.

Lets see what features make Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook cum Tablet PC an innovative Technology.

  • It is a 3.8-pound laptop.
  • The device renders a clear view with 11.6-inch display.
  • The laptop operates using Windows 7 on a Core 2 Duo CULV processor.
  • Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook cum Tablet PC has a 128GB solid-state drive.
  • When detached it serves as a stand-alone Linux tablet PC running on a 1GHz Snapdragon ARM processor with 16GB of flash memory.
  • The laptop is priced at around $ 1000.

Lenovo‘s Hybrid Switch software controls the move between the main processor and the Tablet processor thus allowing the users to browse any Website in laptop mode and continue where they left off after they detach the tablet. The Lenovo‘s Ideapad U1 Hybrid Notebook cum Tablet PC is planned to be launched in coming June this year. The price of this Technology is quoted expected somewhat around $1000.

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Apple’s latest Tablet pC

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Apple tablet Pc

Apple is a leading computer manufacturer and is know going to introduce another innovation of Technology ,a new pc called as Apple Tablet pc. It’s a touch screen pc without having a surface keyboard.

Apple Tablet Pc provides a wide display with a 10 inch display screen and this extreme device is loaded with a full Mac OS X operating system that is Apple‘s operating system designed to support the Apple application and it also consists of Apple‘s software. Apple Tablet pc is the only touch screen laptop ever.

Apple's latest Tablet pC

Lets have a glimpse of all the features of Apple Tablet pc

  • Apple Tablet pc is an integration of a laptop and iPhone. It has a 10 inch touchscreen display with 3G enabled Technology and loads of computing power.The screen of the Apple Tablet pc is designed using the technique of LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon).
  • The approximate price of Apple Tablet pc is quoted around $1000, The Apple Tablet pc is expected to hit the market around mid of 2010.
  • Apple Tablet pc Will run a version of the i-Phone OS X kernel Applications. Besides, it also includes a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device for enhanced connectivity and a SD card reader for storage expansion.

Apple Tablet pc is truly a concept Technology pc for future generation.

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