Funny USB Memory Stick- the latest Technology

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The Funny USB Memory Stick is the Latest Concept Technology. It resembles a Japanese revolving lantern. The Funny USB Memory Stick has very awesome and artistic transparent glass body.  It offers several functionalities. Within the glass body the Funny USB Memory Stick exhibits different colors for distinct data. For instance, pink color indicates images, green indicates movies, blue for documents and no light indicates no data transfer.

Besides, all these features, Funny USB Memory Stick displays stupendous effects of moving lights on shaking it. The desktop icon is also synchronized in according with the operating system, thereby making it more compact. In short, Funny USB Memory Stick is a very innovative and elegant Technology.


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80-port USB Hub Technology

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Ever Heard about an 80-port USB Hub! But now this bulky gadget is going to be available in the market for charging multiple devices at a single time simultaneously. All thanks to Thanko, a japanese company, that has launched this new 80-port USB Hub Technology.

This latest device, the 80-port USB Hub is created and designed for charging multiple gadgets from a single site at a single time. The device cannot transfer the data files. It just charges the electronic gadgets that can be charged using a USB port. Most importantly this, 80-port USB Hub Technology gadget requires a 100v power and it must be plugged in a wall socket to work. The price of the device is about 14,800 Yen or $165 or 7,637. 35 INR.

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Innovative Technology- USB-Powered Eyelash Curler

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Eyelash Curler

These days everything has become so advanced and compatible. Even the Beauty gadgets. Yes, Now the Eyelash Curler has come in an all new avatar. It’s so because now you can operate the Eyelash Curler with the help of a USB Port. This is called adaptive Technology. So now you can Curl your Eyelashes anywhere, anytime via the USB Port (of a computer, Dvd’s or even a laptop).

Thanko, A brand manufacturer of many innovative USB flash drives has now showcased this new cool beauty Gagdet for women. It is named as USB-Powered Eyelash Curler. This gadget is completely a user-friendly gadget made especially for the women who always long to look beautiful. You simply need to connect the USB-Powered Eyelash Curler with the USB port and its ready to beautify your Eyelashes. The USB-Powered Eyelash Curler is an advanced fashion Technology. It is expected to get optimum responses from the customers. This beauty gadget is also called a touch of beauty Eyelash Curler. The price of this Beuty tool is $ 33.38 or 1,547.28 INR.


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New Donut and Fast Food USB Flash Drives

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Now USB Flash Drives will be available in exciting and tempting shapes of Donut and Fast Food. Isn’t It tempting? This is what we call tasty Technology. Since many years the USB Flash Drives have been introduced in various innovative shapes and sizes, but this time this new series of USB Flash Drives is dedicated to the Fast Food lovers due to their overwhelming craze for Fast Food. Undoubtedly, this line of USB Flash Drives is very eye-catching.

A Japanese company called Greenhouse is offering 2GB USB Flash Drives in various shapes of American foods. The USB 2.0 Flash Drives are available in tempting shapes of burger, hot dog, pizza, and submarine sandwich. Also, Chocolate and Strawberry Donut 2GB Flash Drives are available for data storage purposes.

If you are Impressed and really want to take home some tasty USB Flash Drives, then you can grab these Fast Food USB Flash Drives for 14,500.00 Yen (approximately $160). All in All, It’s a tempting and delicious Innovative Technology for safe storage of your data.

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PQI launches 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive

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PQI USB 3.0 flash driveFor the first time ever, a company has launched the upgraded versions of pocket-sized USB 3.0 flash drive. Till date upgraded models of ennumerous products have hit the market, but this very case is the first instance of its own kind. Now, 64GB USB 3.0 flash drive is debuting in the market with PQI as its production house. PQI has given a new dimension to the USB Technology and its market.

Initially, PQI is planning to launch four siblings of its U366 flash drive viz 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions. USB 3.0 flash drive is a beautiful innovation of Technology. It is wrapped in an aluminum casing and has a transparent plastic helmet for enhanced resistance and protection. The PQI USB 3.0 flash drive is attired in blue and gray colors. The stick’s pocket friendly dimensions are 87 x 22 x 12 mm.

The USB 3.0 flash drive has an excellent compatibility signifying 5Gbps of bandwidth. Besides, it also retains backwards compatibility with the ancestral USB prototypes. PQI also insists that the U366 is a smart Technology allowing 97MB/s of data transfer rates for eased access to a particular data. The prices of all the three versions of the USB 3.0 flash drive will be unveiled very soon.

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The New Technology- USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

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USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

Today, the use of Digital Audio and Video data has become so common. We need to append the Audio and video files almost on daily basis (in many cases like Being a photographer, DJ, or a common user). For this, we have to upgrade our system’s hard drive regularly which is a drawback. But now, a new Technology has been launched in the market to increase the size of the hard drive.USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter

The Technology, USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter, is designed solely for the purpose of increasing the size of the Hard Drive.Thus, this Technology facilitates efficient storage of digital audio files and photos data daily. Also, USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter allows easy exchange of data amongst the new and old drives, plus it also lets the old drive to be used as resource for external storage purposes. Lets have a look at some of the features of USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter.

  • It Allows easy transfer of files amongst the hard drives.
  • It Allows the data from internal and external hard drives to be accessed with ease.
  • It Boosts up the old drives which can be used as additional external storage resources.
  • It Converts any ATA or SATA drive into a regular hard drive within a few seconds.

The USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter Technology is completely compatible with any 2.5″, 3.5″, or 5.25″ hard drive or optical drive , with any standard IDE/ATA/ATAPI 40 pin or SATA interface . Also, the connection with the USB equipped computer can be established by using a USB. This connection allows efficient file transfer, backing-up and storing file archives, and accessing data on stored backup drives with Plug & Play ease.This USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter Technology is suitable for full height 5.25″ optical drives except the slimline optical drives used in the laptop.

The connection status LEDs signifies about successful connection between the 1.1/2.0 equipped computer and IDE/ATA or SATA drive.Thus, as evident This New Technology of USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter is certainly going to be a successful concept in the storage of Digital Audio/Video files in Bulks in a hard drive.

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